Quality One Wireless LLC is a global leader in wireless distribution, providing complete solutions to mobile device manufacturers, wireless operators and retailers. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Orlando, FL, Quality One is a minority-owned company and recently purchased the assets of Personal Communication Devices (PCD). The combined company operates in 26 countries globally under the Quality One brand. Unlike other wireless industry suppliers, Quality One Wireless LLC manages the entire wireless device product life cycle from product development to channel distribution, warranty, repair and second life sales. The company has successfully launched more than 500 wireless devices over the last decade. Quality One has 126,000 square feet of facility space in Orlando, FL and a domestic call center that manages a variety of programs including warranty, consumer returns, troubleshooting and warranty exchanges. Other services include customization for niche markets, M2M solutions, engineering, quality, logistics, supply chain, handset warranty repair operations.

Quality One Wireless

Leadership Team

Claudia Chiorando - Chairwoman Of The Board

Claudia Chiorando is Chairwoman of the Board of Quality One Wireless LLC, a global leader in wireless distribution. Ms. Chiorando joined the company in 1993...

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John Chiorando - Founder & CEO

John Chiorando is founder and CEO of Quality One Wireless LLC, a global leader in wireless distribution. In 1993 Mr. Chiorando founded Quality Communications,...

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Bryan Berndt - Chief Sales Officer

Chief Sales Officer Bryan Berndt is responsible for accelerating existing business and driving new revenue through key partnerships...

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Garrett Grainger - Chief Information Officer

Garrett Grainger is the Chief Information Officer for Quality One Wireless. He oversees implementation of the company’s information technology strategies...

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Marshall Harris - General Counsel

Marshall Harris, who has served as General Counsel for Quality One Wireless since 2010, is responsible for all legal matters involving the company including...

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Lisa Muto - Corporate Controller

Corporate Controller, Lisa Muto is responsible for directing all accounting and financial reporting for the company to enhance the organization’s financial...

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Christy Doyle - VP Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources Christy Doyle is responsible for overall strategic human resource leadership to the organization.

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Anthony Montore - President of Sales

As President of Sales, Anthony Montore is charged with growing business through the company’s largest vendor accounts and managing US Regional and Canadian...

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Vision & Values

For more than 20 years, all of us at Quality One Wireless have strived toward a common goal: unlocking the potential of a wireless future. Making that vision a reality is still what gets us out of bed in the morning.

As we have built relationships over the years, it’s clear that we and our business partners share many of the same values. Honesty. Integrity. Dependability. And we also share a deeply held belief—one that says the most exciting, innovative days of wireless are still to come.

Corporate Responsibilty

Q1W is a minority-owned company. One that understands how businesses can benefit from an awareness of many points of view.

At Quality One Wireless, we are dedicated to being a socially responsible corporation and an invested member of the community. We believe that our business is most successful when we create opportunity and prosperity for others as well.

Integrated Quality Policy

Our Integrated Policy is to provide technologically advanced, quality products in a timely manner that meet or exceed our customers' expectations, while doing our part to prevent pollution, injury and illness.  Our testing, data destruction and focus material management all conform to the Responsible Recycling (R2) standard.  We do this by using an integrated quality system, adhering to our Objectives, complying with all applicable legal regulations, and continually working to improve our Processes and Products.